There is hope.
Welcome to Retrouvaille Calgary Community!
     We applaud you for making an effort to save or enhance your marriage.  It takes courage to start down a new and unfamiliar road.
     We offer you hope, understanding and support.  All couples associated with Retrouvaille are alumni of the programme.  We all started, as you have started, looking for answers on how to bring love, understanding, intimacy, forgiveness and deeper communication back into our marriages.
     This programme has helped hundreds of thousands of couples around the world do just that. It only requires the will and perseverance of a committed couple to make the drastic changes you are looking for.

P.S. Before you decide to register we request that both spouses read all the information on this website by clicking on the page tabs above.
Need better
Brian and Lee Weatherill
Community Coordinators
Phone:  403 282-9531
Cell:       403 540-8642

Questions and Information?  Phone 403 276-4647
Next Weekend: September 6 - 8, 2024